Medical center


The main objective of the medical center is to provide primary pre-medical care to students and college staff, as well as preventive measures.

In accordance with the goals and objectives of the medical center carries out:

-emergency care;
-first aid after injuries, acute diseases, poisoning;
-development and implementation of preventive and recreational activities;
-maintains accounting and reporting medical documentation;
-promotes sanitary and hygienic knowledge and a healthy lifestyle;
-monitors the sanitary condition of classrooms, canteen, dormitory

Organization of the medical center

1. The medical and health complex “Arasan”, located at 30A Temirbekova for medical care and preventive measures, has an appropriate room with all amenities. The staff has a general practitioner, a nurse.

2. In the educational building of the college there is a medical office for admission and first aid. The medical center is equipped with the necessary medical supplies and equipment, there is a set of medicines for primary health care, organization and conduct of annual preventive medical examinations of students and staff.

3. The operating mode of the medical center is established and agreed with the administration.